IBS Millwork, Manassas, VA Painting & Special Coating

ULTRA’s Painting & Repairs Division was contracted to perform exterior building painting, caulking, texture repairs and pressure washing of the exterior of this large, tilt-up, concrete building. A high-tech special coating was used in this project that allows water to shed off the building and carry the dirt with it; in essence cleaning the building and protecting it from dirt build-up.  The painting and special coating applications were achieved without the need to remove the existing paint or the use of special interlaminary primers.

Additionally, the top horizontal surfaces of the panels were treated with a waterproofing coating to prevent intrusion of water from wind, rain, ponding water, snow and ice overburden. This coating will prevent damage to the concrete panels.

The finished product looks sharp, bold and crisp, giving the building a “brand new” appearance; and the coating will ensure the building will look great for years to come.


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