What is the value of repositioning a building?

Deciding to reposition your building or space gives you the ability to reshape its identity without the cost of a rebuild. By using this approach you can REFRESH, REVITALIZE, AND REUSE your space in a way that best fits current needs.

If your building was built before 1990, you are most likely experiencing a lot of competitive pressure. The changing demands of tenants, and their workforce, are also affecting whether a building can compete in the current market. The look, feel, and perception are real factors when a company is envisioning its workforce performing in a space.

Determining the benefits, risks, ROI, and market, should be considered between tear-down and re-build vs a repositioning. When repositioning is the logical choice, we will work within the budget to create a concept that fits your vision. We will deliver a modern, vibrant, and competitive asset.

Building Repositioning Examples:

  • Lobby Repositioning
  • Ingress & Egress Changes
  • Building Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Building Façade Changes
  • Parking & Outdoor Area Changes
  • Creating Outdoor Open Spaces
  • Amenity Spaces
  • Condominium Conversions
  • Change of Tenant Base
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Tenant Spaces and Public Areas
  • Building Additions

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